Whether you are a full line or short line wholesaler, there are thousands of products we can offer. Our expertise in working with wholesalers is identifying key products and purchasing these on a volume basis thereby allowing our customers to benefit from economies of scale in our purchasing power. From UK Ethicals, Generics and a plethora of surgical consumables, we have the ability to source products at the most competitive prices.

Pharmacy Groups & Independent Chemists

Propharma works with a number of groups and independent pharmacies supplying a number of generic and branded medicines through to Over the Counter type products and with a low minimum spend, we cater to the needs of the local high street pharmacy to multiples operating across the country.

Hospitals & NHS

Propharma is working with a number of overseas pharmaceutical manufacturers from generic medicines to branded medical devices and aesthetic products. We carefully choose partners that operate to EuGMP standards with exemplary products backed by either UK MHRA Marketing Authorisations to ISO/CE Compliant medical devices suitable for the UK and European public market.

Care Homes

Propharma caters for a variety of care home and care at home businesses, supplying medical disposables to wound care both branded and generic versions available, weekly delvieries available and urgent requests can be accommodated.
More recently, Propharma are offering incontinence products and nutritional drinks to dysphagia supplements and nursing supplies.


Our newest addition is the range of products aimed at back and leg pains to facial aesthetics. Working with leading brands like Orthovisc and Synvisc for Orthopedic clinics and for the aesthetic market, botox, dysport to dermal fillers from Juvederm and many other brands.

We hope that we can cater for your needs, please fill in an application and one of our consultants will be in touch to discuss your needs and how best we can serve for a win win business relationship.

Online Doctors

A growing number of online pharmacies and a opening up of certain conditions to be treated by an online Doctor has opened up a new era in prescribing and dispensing. We are able to offer these businesses a wide range of branded and generic medicines along with competitive pricing to ensure success against their local marketplace.

Travel Clinics

The UK is the by far the largest in Europe for travellers going abroad and not just hopping over to the mainland but, trekking, mountain climbing and many more exotic type adventures beyond the horizon.

Our Travel division has access to all the major vaccinations with 48 hour delivery available in urgent circumstances, Propharma sells thousands of Anti Malarial drugs and offer our customers fantastic prices on these and many other medicines for this market. together with Over the Counter products specifically for travellers from Water treatment tablets to diarrhoea packs.